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Underscore Life

Version 2.2.2

Life is an application to experiment with the wonderfully entertaining Conway's Game of Life.

The Game of Life is a deceptively simple game published by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

Just drag your fingers over the screen to start and guide the Game of Life on your screen as the pattern evolves. Completely configurable including algorithm, color schemes, speed, size and several other parameters for presentation.

Available on the AppStore

Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Awesome! (v3.0) ★★★★★ by oooooo?! on 3-Aug-2010
If you like to play around with the game of life, especially with different rulesets, this app is for you! Looks great, LOTS of options. I recommend it.
Excellent (v3.0)
★★★★★ by Satisfied747474 on 28-Jul-2010
Cheap, accurate, and more options then you can shake a stick at.
Nice (v3.0)
★★★★★ by Maverin on 12-Jun-2010
Great implementation, fast with lots of options. Can play with it for hours!
Superb! (v2.1)
★★★★★ by Enigmahn on 8-Jan-2010
Versatile, flexible, and well designed.
Awesome (v2.0)
★★★★★ by ChaoWuntooWuntoo on 20-Dec-2010
Much better than notebook's, just wish I bought this one first.
Like a Little World on Your iPod (v1.0)
★★★★★ by Dr. Nim on 21-Nov-2009
Conway's Life is classic, but this app brings so much more. Drawing your own shapes is fun and tweaking the rules has never been easier. A great app for fun and learning!
Where can I get support?

If you have suggestions for future improvements use the Underscore ideas site.

There is prompt support via email or the Community Forum.

You can also use Twitter.

More Features

iPhone Screenshots

Underscore Life 3.0.1

Released on 2010-09-24


  • fixed to work on retina display. Also improved performance on newer devices